Humangest is Official Supplier of the Rome 2024 European Athletics Championships


18 Luglio 2023


The starting whistle has sounded for the ‘Volunteers’ project, in which Humangest, as Employment Agency and Official Supplier, is engaged in the search, selection and training of 1,500 Volunteers for the European Athletics Championships to be held in Rome, 7-12 June 2024.

The collaboration established together with the EuroRoma 2024 Foundation stems from shared values such as respect, loyalty, mutual trust and healthy competitiveness: fundamental principles in the disciplines of athletics and the basis of Humangest’s work. The Rome 2024 Volunteer project aims to enhance the founding aspects of sports culture through the activity of volunteers as a factor of integration and inclusion for all those who wish to approach the world of athletics. Through a prestigious event such as the European Athletics Championships, the people involved will witness a cultural change linked to the values of sport and will enrich their personal baggage thanks to the experience of living “behind the scenes” of a major sporting event.

The recruitment programme is intended to enhance the younger generation, directly involving secondary schools and universities in Rome and the Lazio region, with the aim of nurturing a passion for athletics and sport in students. Equally important will be the contribution of local athletics associations, which with their members will bring specific skills and love for the discipline to the event.

The 1,500 volunteers who will be selected will receive exclusive benefits such as admission to the sporting competitions, access to specific training sessions organised by Humangest, an official volunteer uniform, free public transport in the capital throughout the event, and the chance to attend the event’s closing party.

For anyone wishing to participate, the application for the Volunteer project must be sent through the Roma 2024 website by 31 December 2023. Recruitment procedures are open to those who meet the following requirements:

? being or having reached the age of 18/16 by 6 June 2024, meaning by the starting date of Roma 2024 (or having reached the age of majority at the beginning of the volunteer experience, in case of side activities);

? be Italian citizens with knowledge of English or citizens of other nationalities with knowledge of English and Italian, basic level

? have civil and political rights;

? not have criminal convictions, not be in a state of disqualification, not be subject to preventive measures or other measures

? guarantee a minimum availability to participate in the event based on the dates of the official calendar and/or side events.

Following the selection phase, volunteers will undergo an initial general training course, organised both online and in-person; once assigned to a functional area of the event, all volunteers will be trained on specific topics of their area of competence in order to better tackle their tasks.



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